Kainui Tropical Flowers got it's name from these two lines of cousins. Camilo Delmendo known as "Aukai" and Prince David Castro O Ka Hale O Keoua Nui, forming the name Kainui which means the 'Great Sea' 
which they both crossed to experience the mainland. 
The idea of spreading the aloha spirit with tropical flowers from Hawaii throughout
upstate New York was founded while visiting family in Rochester, New York.  Kainui Tropical Flowers has expanded their shipping services throughout the entire United States.
Kamehameha The Great established the Kingdom of Hawaii in the 1800's.   This statue is one that stood in Statutory Hall at the State Capital and recetly moved into the State Capitals Visitors Center in Washington D.C.  Kamehameha's father was Keoua Kalanikupuapaikalaninui, co-ruler of Hawaii with his brother Kalaniopuu.  
AUKAI                      PRINCE DAVID
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Author-Prince David Castro
A brief history of Princess Elizabeth Kekaaniau Laanui, during her life in the Kingdom of Hawaii. She was born into the family of Hawaiian royalty (Kamehameha Dynasty) in 1834 and was claimed eligible to the throne by Kamehameha III. Her father Laanui was a favorite nephew of Kamehameha the great and her rank made her life an important one for the future of the Hawaiian Kingdom.